Speakers Speak LIVE

Community-Driven Development for New and Emerging Professional Speakers

Finally a Space Where Professional Speakers
Can Practice their Speaking and Emcee Skills
in a Professional Setting without the Restrictions of Institutionalized Programs

Speakers Speak LIVE is one hour of weekly speaking practice and networking every Wednesday.
The official program starts promptly at noon (Eastern), 11am (Central), 10am (Mountain), 9am (Pacific)
but plan to arrive FIVE MINUTES EARLY to hear the "Million-Dollar Nugget" of the week.
Your host and founder, Marty Dickinson, created Speakers Speak LIVE to be a community-driven environment for all speakers
to practice their speaking and learn from each other in a supportive virtual environment.

How Will You Benefit from Attending?

Sharpen Your Speaking Skills at the Pro Speaker Level

Whether you've been making a living from speaking fees or are just beginning your speaking career, there's always room for improvement when it comes to speaking! Speakers Speak LIVE is your opportunity to continuously improve your speaking skills.

Speak to a Welcoming Audience!

After attending a session or two to get a feel for how our events work, pick a date where you can be our Showcase Presenter! You'll get 10 minutes to present anything you'd like. Then, every participant will provide a few short comments of reinforcement and something that could be improved. No one knows how audiences will react to your delivery better than active professional speakers!

Improve Your Pitch to Decision Makers

Learn and practice Lois Creamer's "Speaker Positioning Statement" formula and introduce yourself in a way that commands attention and positions you as a true expert in your field.

Develop Your Virtual Emcee Skills

After delivering your Showcase Presentation, you are eligible to practice being the Session Leader. You'll run the entire one-hour program and get feedback to improve your program leadership skills. Don't worry, we provide a complete program script to make it easy for you.

Refine Your Deep Listening Skills

You can actually become a better speaker just by watching and listening to other professional speakers. As a participant, you along with all participants, are asked to listen to the Showcase Presenter of the day, take notes throughout the presentation and then deliver 30 seconds of comments to help the speaker improve.

Learn by Watching Other Speakers

Hearing other professional speakers share suggestions with Showcase Presenters week after week will have a positive impact on YOUR speech writing. Bring all of those observations of others to your speech development!

Receive Testimonials

Professional speakers know how to write testimonials in a way that decision makers want to read them! Connect with all of our participants on LinkedIn and then after you give your Showcase Presentation, ask for testimonials...and you'll get them!

Analyze Your Own Presentation with Video

You focus on your speech. We will record it and provide it to you as an "unlisted" video on YouTube. These are practice presentations. They are only for your viewing.

Experiment! You are Safe Here

Want to try Ecamm or MMHMM for the first time? Maybe you want to try a different opening to your speech and see if the audience is engaged earlier. Have a sales stack to go through to rehearse for a webinar? Speakers Speak LIVE is a safe place to try new techniques...even if everything breaks! No one gets embarrassed here. We will support you!

Meet, Network and Collaborate

If you want to make it in the speaking business, you need to meet other speakers doing what you want to be doing. Countless new relationships have started after meeting originally in Speakers Speak LIVE. Speaking referrals, invites to guest on podcasts, joint ventures have all resulted from regular attendance at our events.

Even More Reviews from Participants!

 "This the best time to be in the speaking business but you must hang around other speakers who are doing what you want to be doing. Speakers Speak LIVE is for that purpose." 

Marty Dickinson, Founder, Speakers Speak Group/LIVE
"The Thumb-in-the-Back Guy" and Author, Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Your Professional Speaking Business and Life...and Get it Too

 "A great way to practice and perfect your speaker positioning statement and meet other speakers." 

Lois Creamer
Speaking Business Coach and Author, Book More Business: Make Money Speaking

 "I started attending Speakers Speak LIVE because I always enjoy being with like-minded people. I have found this group to have so many positive attributes: supportive, engaging, entertaining. Feedback that is given in a constructive manner is always helpful. Steel sharpens steel! Having this group where everyone is committed to doing better and being better is a highlight of my week. Any person who is interested in improving speaking and communication skills will benefit from this group. Making a few friends and partnering with great people is a big plus!"

Valda Ford
Healthcare Keynote Speaker and Emcee

"If you want more speaking gigs, go be great on stage. Speakers Speak LIVE can help."

Thom Singer, CSP
Human Engagement Keynote Speaker, Emcee and NSA Podcast Host
Thom Singerd.com

"You have 20 seconds to prove to your audience that you don't suck. Speakers Speak LIVE is a great place to test new content before taking it to the paid stage."

Mike Dormitz, CSP
Respect Keynote Speaker

"Speakers Speak LIVE is the place to be when you want proven and applicable strategies to excel at the art and business of public speaking."

Frank Kitchen, CSP
Mindset Keynote Speaker, Emcee and Auctioneer

"I see the value of having a platform for professional speakers to practice our materials and get evaluations, which is priceless! I recommend Speakers Speak LIVE to professional speakers and anyone who aspires to become a professional speaker."

Lea Tran
Life Navigation Speaker

"I've become more confident in my speaking ability and crafting speaking points. I recommend Speakers Speak LIVE to any person who is looking at encompassing speaking in their business."

Cindy Saylor
Mental Health Speaker

FREE One-Time Registration!

Speakers Speak LIVE has been 100% FREE to attend and participate since its first session in June, 2021!

It is a professional event for professional speakers by professional speakers. Just like any event registration, we require a bit more detail about you before your attendance request is approved.

We take the added step of vetting every registration to assure each participant is an active, returning or starting professional speaker. And we take every precaution to make sure you are who you say you are before letting you into our Zoom event room.

All members appreciate our free-from-Zoom-bombers approach to keeping the Speakers Speak LIVE space a safe and secure one for all.

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Marty Dickinson is the founder of Speakers Speak LIVE and has built three businesses almost entirely through speaking over the past 25 years. He has mentored more than 200 new and emerging professional speakers to build their businesses through speaking. Marty is the co-author of two editions of
Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley) and recently released the Special Speakers Edition of Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Your Professional Speaking Business and in Life...and Get it Too.