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45 Deep Dive: The Ultimate Signature Talk Course for Professional Speakers

Finally end your struggle to write a professional speaker level, 45 minute signature talk where you can:

  • Share your story in a way that adds impact to your speech instead of yawns.
  • Construct your speech in a way that transforms your audience instead of fire-hosing them with facts .
  • Inspire a higher percentage of viewers to take immediate action instead of leaving them hanging.

It's the Core of Everything You'll Do in Your Speaking Business

Every professional speaker needs a 45-minute signature talk. It’s the core content you use to adapt to any length of presentation you’re hired for including expanding to half-day or full-day workshops, 2-day retreats and hour-long keynotes or shortening to 20-minute Online Summit talks, 18-minute TEDx talks, or 10-minute Showcase Presentations.

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Develop Your 45-Minute Signature Talk Step-by-Step at Your Own Pace

The 45 Deep Dive online course will help you walk through the exact steps, at your own pace, to develop all the sections of your 45-minute signature talk while also including modern-day techniques your audiences expect.

  • Eliminate procrastinating by getting it done in-the-moment while you’re going through the course. 
  • End your frustration by not having a 45-minute full signature talk ready to go.
  • Gain confidence your content is worthy of the professional stage.
  • Find the perfect balance between entertaining your audience and providing them with usable content, Provide a transformational experience for your audience while you are on-stage speaking.
  • Outline your 45-minute signature talk in about 20 minutes.
  • Build out each section as you are guided deeper and deeper, from general to specific.
  • Connect with your audience in under 20 seconds.
  • Construct your signature story without it being too short or too long.
  • Retain the attention of your audience for the duration of your talk.
  • Remove your audiences’ skepticism that you're just there to "sell" them.
  • Prove you’re not just there to just sell to them.
  • Get more of your audience to take the next action with you.
  • Acquire more business opportunities.
  • Increase your probability to receive a standing ovation.
  • Get more referrals for additional speaking opportunities.
  • Take a big step in the process of moving from casual speaker to professional speaker.

About Your Guide 

Marty Dickinson is the founder of Speakers Speak LIVE and the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller,
Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Your Professional Speaking Business and Life…and Get it Too.

He was also the co-moderator of Lois Creamer’s Make Money Speaking club in Clubhouse for almost two years.

Marty has built three businesses almost entirely through speaking over the past 25 years and has hosted, presented or participated in more than 100 professional events in just the past year alone. 

To be successful in the speaking business, you not only need to develop your speech with a proven framework, but must avoid cliches, use modern audience-engaging techniques and deliver something BEYOND what they were expecting.

The 45 Deep Dive course accomplishes all of that with you.

How This Course is Unique:

1. Focused ONLY on Speech Content

Plenty of courses exist for teaching you how to gain confidence speaking, using gestures, and vocal variety. 45 Deep Dive is ONLY about developing your 45-minute signature talk and its formatting for best results from your audience.

Contributions have been made by some of the most successful speakers today:

Frank Kitchen (Ranked one of the top 25 speakers in the world!)

Mike Dormitz (One of the businest paid speakers I know!)

Mary Kelly (Hall of Fame Speaker!)

2. Community-Build Process

Suggestions from over 1,000 critiques from other professional speaker participants providing feedback to our Speakers Speak LIVE showcase presenters over the past year have already been embedded into the
45 Deep Dive framework so you won’t make the same mistakes.

3. Pay Once, Get Lifetime Access!

Pay once and you’ll have access to this course as it evolves and changes over the years. [Limited Introductory Offer!! to Accumulate Testimonials Before Price Goes Up!]

This Course is for You if…

You are a business owner, wanting to build your business by getting on stages. Save six months or more of research for writing a speech that actually converts audience members to business opportunities.

You are a consultant or coach. Speaking is the best way to showcase your expertise, but only if you’re able to move your audience to take a next step with you.

You are a survivor of an illness, addiction or tragic event. Your audience WANTS to hear your story. But, they'll only truly receive it if you do one thing throughout telling your story.

You are leaving your corporate job. Corporate meeting planners are anxiously looking for new faces and speakers that help attract, engage and retain employees, improve profits and cope with this crazy and unpredictable economy.

Upgrade Your Approach to Speech Development

The 45 Deep Dive Signature Talk framework will upgrade your approach to speech development to one that will WOW your audience on virtual or in-person live stages and pave the way for referrals to more stages!

This is the best time in history to use speaking to build your business. But only if you have an amazing 45 minute signature talk to deliver.

Take the Next Step with Confidence!

You have an important message to get out to the world and Marty is
excited to help make that happen with you.

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