How to Spot What You Want in Your Speaking Business and Life...and Get it Too

Yes, You Really Can Get All the Speaking Engagements You Want While Earning High Income and Enjoying a Sense of Purpose...

While Maintaining Balance in All Areas of Your Life!

When I ask new professional speakers, "How many speaking dates do you want this year?" the most common response is, "I don't know."

If there is a response, it's usually "250 dates!"

My new friend, neither of these responses are acceptable or realistic!

In 2022, the speaking business is more competitive than ever before. Thousands of laid off employees and underappreciated workers are entering the speaking business every month thinking they'll be the next Tony Robbins.

You're also up against established speakers who have made their living from speaking for more than 20 years! The people who hired those speakers for last year's events have already re-booked them for the next year and the next!

How Can You Expect to Compete?

The answer is surprisingly simple and almost always overlooked.

You have to be more like a lion...lions always win.

They know they're slower than their favorite meal (the Wildebeest).

Instead of hunting for 18 hours a day or sprinting endlessly, a lion finds a cozy spot near
 a waterhole where she waits patiently for opportunity to appear.

Then, she bursts into action to get what she wants!

With the guidance contained in this special online course for professional speakers
(based on the book on Amazon), you're going to reach three key objectives: 

Understanding why you're not getting as many speaking opportunities as you'd hoped for.

Determining your true wants
in more than 30 areas of your life.

Making specific plans to GET what you want while and stay balanced in life.

Speaking is a Game You MUST Win!

The most important part of the course is, honestly, difficult to describe for you here. It's just something you do, see the results from, and then do it again and again!

You'll have lifetime free access to a web-based tool to speed up that final step and you'll be invited to spend just five minutes every Monday morning to use that tool.

By the end of the week, you will have accomplished what you set out to do using that tool.

To Build a Speaking Business, You Must be Willing to Invest in Yourself

Lions Always Win (Special Speaker's Edition) is a self-analysis process where you work through
a series of exercises to arrive at a specific outcome.

You're going to need to invest roughly four to six hours to go through the course.
Think of it as a mini-retreat!
This investment of your time will be worth your effort! 

You are Just One Step Away from Acquiring All the Speaking
Dates You Want  And Anything Else in Your Life Too! 

 "Great course! It's a combo of mindset, wants, needs with a dose of reality...

Lois Creamer 

About The Author

Marty Dickinson is the founder of Speakers Speak LIVE and has built three businesses almost entirely through speaking over the past 25 years. He co-moderated Make Money Speaking on Clubhouse with Lois Creamer and has mentored hundreds of new and emerging professional speakers to build their businesses through speaking. Marty is the co-author of two editions of  Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley).

The time is now for you make a decision. Are you ready to invest in yourself and speaking business?

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